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Photo Quantity Description Price
2014 ITI 46' Chip Trailer32014 ITI Chip Trailer 2014 ITI Modified Drop 46'x 102 Notes=2014 ITI Modified Dr, Length=46', New?=New, Model=MODIFIED DROP CHIP T, Width=102, Height Of Sides=13'6, Pic#=18, Axle Setting=Fix$ Call
2015 Pitts 46' Chip Trailer32015 Pitts Chip Trailer This is one of three matched units in st Notes=This is one of three, Length=46', New?=New, Model=CHIP VAN, Width=102, Height Of Sides=13'4, Pic#=21, Axle Setting=Fixe$ Call
2015 ITI 46' Chip Trailer32015 ITI Chip Trailer 2015 ITI 46ft.x102x13'6 , Tri Axle Ridew Notes=2015 ITI 46ft.x102x1, Length=46', New?=New, Model=Heavy Duty Tri Axle, Width=102, Height Of Sides=13'6, Pic#=18, Axle Set$ Call
1999 Alloy 40' Chip Trailer11999 Alloy Chip Trailer 1999 ALLOY 40 X 102 TANDEM AXLE SPRING R Notes=1999 ALLOY 40 X 102, Length=40', New?=Used, Pic#=5, Axle Setting=Fixed, Wheel Size=Steel $7,900
2009 Peerless 42' Chip Trailer22009 Peerless Chip Trailer Length=42', State (Abbreviation)=AL., City=Mobile, New?=Used, Suspension=Air, Width=96", Axle Setting=Fixed, Tire Size=11x22.5, Wheel Composition=Aluminum, Tarps=Mesh $27,900
Chip Trailer1 Chip Trailer 48' Full Frame Tri Axle Wood Chip /Cob Trailer State (Abbreviation)=Il., New?=Used, Suspension=Spring, Width=, Axle Setting=Fixed, Tire Size=10x20, Tire Type=Bias, Wheel Size=2$ Call
2012 Dorsey 43' Chip Trailer12012 Dorsey Chip Trailer Aluminum Chip Trailer Length=43', State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=New, Suspension=Spring, Width=, Axle Setting=Slide, Tire Size=11x22.5, Wheel Composition=Steel, Wheel$ Call
 11998 Monon Chip Trailer This trailer is ready to haul chips , th Notes=This trailer is read, Length=45', New?=Used, Model=Tri-Axle Chip Van, Width=102, Interior Height=110, Height Of Sides=1$ Call
 12008 Stoughton Chip Trailer This is one of 7 2008 Stoughton 48x102x1 Notes=This is one of 7 200, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=2008 Stoughton'' TRI, Width=102, Interior Height=110, Height Of$ Call
 12008 Stoughton Chip Trailer This is one of 7 units we are converting Notes=This is one of 7 uni, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=2008 Stoughton TRI A, Width=102, Interior Height=110, Height Of$ Call

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