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Photo Quantity Description Price
2002 Mate 26' Dump - End12002 Mate Dump - End QUARTER FRAME TYPE DUMP WITH GOOD ROT AN Notes=QUARTER FRAME TYPE D, Length=26', New?=Used, Model=Quarter Frame Design, Width=96, Interior Height=60, Pic#=15, Axle Setti$ Call
2016 CONST TRLR SPEC 28' Dump - End42016 CONST TRLR SPEC Dump - End 28 ft Quarter Frame ... 14 Notes=28 ft Quarter Frame, Length=28', New?=New, Model=28' Quarter Frame St, Width=96, Interior Height=48, Pic#=4, Axle Setting=Fix$ Call
2016 East Manufacturing 39' Dump - End12016 East Manufacturing Dump - End Floor: 1 Notes=Floor:, Length=39', New?=New, Model=Genesis Frameless Du, Width=96, Interior Height=60, Height Of Sides=60,$ Call
2016 CONST TRLR SPEC 39' Dump - End12016 CONST TRLR SPEC Dump - End CTS Scrap Trailer - Elliptical body made Notes=CTS Scrap Trailer -, Length=39', New?=New, Model=EHRD-39, Width=102, Height Of Sides=76, Pic#=8, Axle Setting=F$ Call
2016 East Manufacturing 28' Dump - End42016 East Manufacturing Dump - End Aluminum Frame, Spread Axle, Genesis Sty Notes=Aluminum Frame, Spre, Length=28', New?=New, Model=Genesis, Width=96, Interior Height=60, Pic#=8, Axle Settin$ Call
2016 Mac 39' Dump - End12016 Mac Dump - End drop legs, top hinge gate with coal door Notes=drop legs, top hinge, Length=39', New?=New, Model=Half Round, Width=102, Height Of Sides=60, Pic#=3, Axle Setting=Fixed, Wh $61,900
2016 Mac 40' Dump - End32016 Mac Dump - End front axle lift, drop stand dolly's, gra Notes=front axle lift, dro, Length=40', New?=Used, Model=HALF ROUND, Height Of Sides=56, Pic#=5, Axle Setting=Fixed, Wheel Size=A $58,900
2016 Manac 24' Dump - End32016 Manac Dump - End In stock, new, model year 2016 Chicago S Notes=In stock, new, model, Length=24', New?=New, Model=QUARTER STAR BY ILOC, Width=102, Height Of Sides=54, Pic#=16, Axle Sett $46,650
2016 Manac 24' Dump - End12016 Manac Dump - End stock, new, model year 2016 Chicago Styl Notes=stock, new, model ye, Length=24', New?=New, Model=2016 Manac Quarter S, Width=102, Height Of Sides=54, Pic#=11, Axle Sett $45,375
2006 Trailstar 39' Dump - End12006 Trailstar Dump - End Manual Tarp and Liner. Trailer is in gre Notes=Manual Tarp and Line, Length=39', New?=Used, Model=dump, Width=96, Interior Height=60, Pic#=7, Axle Setting=Fixed, Wh $36,000
1981 Fruehauf 33' Dump - End11981 Fruehauf Dump - End 33' Fruehauf frameless dump, 60 Notes=33' Fruehauf framele, Length=33', State (Abbreviation)=FL, City=Jacksonville, New?=Used, Model=33' Fruehauf framele, Suspension $17,500
1984 Fruehauf 35' Dump - End11984 Fruehauf Dump - End 35' Fruehauf frameless dump, Two way gat Notes=35' Fruehauf framele, Length=35', State (Abbreviation)=FL, New?=Used, Model=35' Fruehauf framele, Suspension=Spring, W $18,500
1989 2228' Dump - End11989 Dump - End 1989 Montone Florida Spec dump, mesh fli Notes=1989 Montone Florida, Length=2228', New?=Used, Width=96, Height Of Sides=54, Pic#=3 $18,500
1989 Fruehauf 39' Dump - End11989 Fruehauf Dump - End 39' Frameless dump, barn door, 62 Notes=39' Frameless dump,, Length=39', State (Abbreviation)=Florida, City=Jacksonville, New?=Used, Model=Frameless end dump, Suspen $21,500
1991 Travis 39' Dump - End11991 Travis Dump - End 1991 Travis 39' X T102 (96 Notes=1991 Travis 39' X T1, Length=39', New?=Used, Model=39' T102 Classic, Width=102, Interior Height=54, Pic#=2, Axle Setting=Fixed, Floor $22,500
2000 Travis 39' Dump - End12000 Travis Dump - End 2000 Travis 39' X T102 (taper 96 Notes=2000 Travis 39' X T1, Length=39', New?=Used, Model=39' T102 Classic, Width=102, Interior Height=60, Pic#=4, Axle Setting=Fixed, $28,500

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