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Photo Quantity Description Price
2017 Mac 48' Flatbed Trailers32017 Mac Flatbed Trailers 10 sliding winches, dump valve, 2 nailer Notes=10 sliding winches,, Length=48', New?=New, Width=102, Pic#=1, Axle Setting=Fixed Spread, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Floor S $32,900
2003 Transcraft 45' Flatbed Trailers92003 Transcraft Flatbed Trailers 2003 Used Transcraft Combo flatbed, air Notes=2003 Used Transcraft, Length=45', New?=Used, Width=96, Pic#=1 $9,950
2004 Transcraft 48' Flatbed Trailers12004 Transcraft Flatbed Trailers 2004 Transcraft Steel Flatbed. Spring ri Notes=2004 Transcraft Stee, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Steel Flat Closed Sp, Width=96, Pic#=7, Axle Setting=Slide $10,500
2005 Great Dane 53' Flatbed Trailers12005 Great Dane Flatbed Trailers 2005 Used Great Dane Combo flatbed. Air Notes=2005 Used Great Dane, Length=53', New?=Used, Width=102, Pic#=13, Axle Setting=Spread $13,950
2005 Great Dane 48' Flatbed Trailers32005 Great Dane Flatbed Trailers 2005 Used Great Dane Steel flatbeds, air Notes=2005 Used Great Dane, Length=48', New?=Used, Width=102, Pic#=10 $12,750
2007 Fontaine 48' Flatbed Trailers62007 Fontaine Flatbed Trailers A very nice, clean group of 2007 Fontain Notes=A very nice, clean g, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Infinity 48ft Combin, Width=102, Pic#=19, Axle Setting=Spread $12,950
2007 Reitnouer 48' Flatbed Trailers32007 Reitnouer Flatbed Trailers New Low Price! 2007 Reitnour Maximiser F Notes=New Low Price! 2007, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Maximiser, Width=102, Pic#=14, Axle Setting=Spread, Floor Sty $19,500
2007 Fontaine 48' Flatbed Trailers102007 Fontaine Flatbed Trailers Rental units Steel Flatbeds spring ride Notes=Rental units Steel F, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Rental Steel Flatbed, Width=102, Pic#=10$ Call
2007 Fontaine 48' Flatbed Trailers12007 Fontaine Flatbed Trailers 2007 used combo flatbed, Fontaine Infini Notes=2007 used combo flat, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=2007 Fontaine Renega, Width=102, Pic#=12, Axle Setting=Spread $17,500
2007 48' Flatbed Trailers252007 Flatbed Trailers Why pay $50,000 for a flatbed trailer co Notes=Why pay $50,000 for, Length=48', New?=Used, Width=102, Pic#=21, Axle Setting=Slide $19,850
2007 Chaparral 48' Flatbed Trailers12007 Chaparral Flatbed Trailers Used 2007 Chaparral Aluminum flatbed. Ai Notes=Used 2007 Chaparral, Length=48', New?=Used, Width=102, Pic#=7, Axle Setting=Spread $19,950
2007 Fontaine 48' Flatbed Trailers112007 Fontaine Flatbed Trailers A very nice, clean group of 2007 Fontain Notes=A very nice, clean g, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Infinity 48ft Combin, Width=102, Pic#=22, Axle Setting=Spread $12,950
2008 Reinke 48' Flatbed Trailers12008 Reinke Flatbed Trailers 2008 Reinke used combo flatbed. Air Ride Notes=2008 Reinke used com, Length=48', New?=Used, Width=102, Pic#=9, Axle Setting=Spread $14,950
2012 Great Dane 48' Flatbed Trailers12012 Great Dane Flatbed Trailers 2012 Great Dane used 48' X 102” combo Notes=2012 Great Dane used, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=2012 Great Dane Flat, Width=102, Pic#=16, Axle Setting=Fixed $19,985
2012 Manac 5390' Flatbed Trailers12012 Manac Flatbed Trailers SPECIAL PRICING FOR LONG TERM RENTALS OF Notes=SPECIAL PRICING FOR, Length=5390', New?=Used, Model=RENTAL - 53'-90' TRI, Width=102, Pic#=18, Axle Setting=Slide$ Call
2013 Fontaine 48' Flatbed Trailers12013 Fontaine Flatbed Trailers Used 2013 Revolution 60, 48' x 102 Notes=Used 2013 Revolution, Length=48', New?=Used, Model=Revolution 60, Width=102, Pic#=18, Axle Setting=Spread, Wheel Size= $29,850

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