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2002 Beall 43' Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12002 Beall Tank - Gasoline/Fuel 5 compartment, double bulkheads all comp Notes=5 compartment, doubl, Length=43', New?=Used, Model=5 Compartment, Width=96, Pic#=6, Axle Setting=Fixed, Wheel S$ Call
1986 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11986 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel 9200 - 2600/2200/1500/2900***Thank you f Notes=9200 - 2600/2200/150, New?=Used, Model=MC306, Pic#=18, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Gallons=9200, # Compartments=4 $18,500
1987 Polar Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11987 Polar Tank - Gasoline/Fuel 2500/1200/1850/3500***Thank you for taki Notes=2500/1200/1850/3500*, New?=Used, Model=MC 306, Pic#=11, Insulated?=No / Non-Insulated, Gallons=9200, # Compartm $15,500
1988 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11988 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel 9,200 (3,000-1,500-2,200-2,500 ***ALL NE Notes=9,200 (3,000-1,500-2, State (Abbreviation)=IN, New?=Used, Model=LEASING AVAILABLE, Pic#=10, Axle Setting=Fixed, $29,500
1989 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11989 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel New recap tires. 90% brakes.***Thank you Notes=New recap tires. 90%, New?=Used, Model=MC307, 4-Comp, 3100/, Pic#=9, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Gallons=9200, # Co $18,500
1989 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11989 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel ***Thank you for taking the time to look Notes=***Thank you for tak, New?=Used, Model=MC307, 4-Comp, 3100/, Pic#=11, Wheel Size=Steel, Gallons=9600, # Comp $19,500
1991 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11991 Fruehauf Tank - Gasoline/Fuel ***Thank you for taking the time to look Notes=***Thank you for tak, New?=Used, Model=MC307, 4-Comp, 3100/, Pic#=14, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Insulated?=No / N $18,500
1988 Custom Trailer Inc. Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11988 Custom Trailer Inc. Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double Tapered, MC306, 4 Compartment wit Notes=Double Tapered, MC30, New?=Used, Model=Used Double Tapered, Pic#=8, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Gallons=$ Call
1992 Polar Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11992 Polar Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Straight Round, X-Ring, 3 Baffles, MC306 Notes=Straight Round, X-Ri, New?=Used, Model=9000 Gallon Aluminum, Pic#=5, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Insulated?=No / Non-I$ Call
1994 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel11994 Heil Tank - Gasoline/Fuel All Double Heads, Mechanical Valves, 4 Notes=All Double Heads, Me, New?=Used, Model=Double Tapered 5 Com, Pic#=5, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Gallons=9500, # Compartm$ Call
2000 Polar 44' Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12000 Polar Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double Conical, 1 Compartment, Baffles, Notes=Double Conical, 1 Co, Length=44', New?=Used, Model=9000 Gallon Aluminum, Pic#=7, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Insulated?$ Call
2001 Brenner Trailer 42' Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12001 Brenner Trailer Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double conical, DOT407, Clean Bore, Spri Notes=Double conical, DOT4, Length=42', New?=Used, Model=8500 Gallon DOT407 A, Pic#=5, Insulated?=No / Non-$ Call
2004 Brenner Trailer Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12004 Brenner Trailer Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Straight Round, Aluminum, X-Ring, DOT407 Notes=Straight Round, Alum, New?=Used, Model=8500 Gallon X-Ring A, Pic#=7, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Insulated?=$ Call
2007 Brenner Trailer 42' Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12007 Brenner Trailer Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double Conical, Insulated, Baffles, Air Notes=Double Conical, Insu, Length=42', New?=Used, Model=9500 Gallon Aluminum, Pic#=7, Wheel Size=Aluminum,$ Call
2007 LBT Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12007 LBT Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double Tapered, 4 Compartment, 3400/2000 Notes=Double Tapered, 4 Co, New?=Used, Model=Double Tapered 4 Com, Pic#=6, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Gallons=9200, # Compart$ Call
2016 44' Tank - Gasoline/Fuel12016 Tank - Gasoline/Fuel Double Conical, Aluminum DOT407 X-Ring, Notes=Double Conical, Alum, Length=44', New?=Used, Model=9500 Gallon Non Insu, Pic#=5, Wheel Size=Aluminum, Insulated?=No /$ Call

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