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Photo Quantity Description Price
1970 Heil 24' Tank - Liquid11970 Heil Tank - Liquid Would make a great farming unit Length=24', State (Abbreviation)=IL, City=Lemont, New?=Used, Suspension=Spring, % Tires=50%, % Brakes=50%, Gallons=6500, Tank Shape=Ba $7,200
1988 Polar Tank - Liquid11988 Polar Tank - Liquid State (Abbreviation)=TX, Suspension=Spring, Gallons=9500, # Compartments=4 $25,500
1994 Heil Tank - Liquid11994 Heil Tank - Liquid State (Abbreviation)=TX, Gallons=8000$ Call
1991 42' Tank - Liquid11991 Tank - Liquid Length=42', State (Abbreviation)=MS, City=McComb, New?=Used, Model=NOVA, Suspension=Air, Width=, Suspension Make=Hendrickson, Axle Setting=Fixed, Tire Size=11x24.5, Wheel Size=24.5", Wheel Composition=St $29,000
1990 42' Tank - Liquid11990 Tank - Liquid Length=42', State (Abbreviation)=MS, New?=Used, Model=NOVA, Suspension=Spring, Suspension Details=21B, Suspension Make=Reyco, Axle Setting=Fixed, Tire Size=11x24.5, Wheel Size=24.5", Wheel Composition=St$ Call
1990 40' Tank - Liquid11990 Tank - Liquid Length=40', State (Abbreviation)=MS, New?=Used, Suspension=Spring, Suspension Details=21B, Suspension Make=Reyco, Axle Setting=Fixed, Tire Size=11x24.5, Tire Type=Recap, Wheel Size=24.5", Wheel Compositi$ Call
1998 Polar Tank - Liquid11998 Polar Tank - Liquid Notes=CurrentTests,3DblHds, State (Abbreviation)=IA, Suspension=Spring, Pic#=LT0239, Wheel Composition=Aluminum, Wheel Type=Budd, Gallons=9500, # Compartments=4, Scully=Load Anywhere$ Call
LBT Tank - Liquid1 LBT Tank - Liquid State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Suspension=Air, Tire Size=22.5", Wheel Size=22.5", Wheel Composition=Aluminum, # Axles=2, Gallons=9500, Tank Type=Liquid, # Compartments=5$ Call
2010 Heil Tank - Liquid22010 Heil Tank - Liquid 4-compartment double taper Notes=New Heil Petroleum, State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=New, Model=Aluminum Double Tape, Suspension=Air, Tire Size=11x22.5, Wheel Size=22.5$ Call
1990 Custom Trailer Inc. Tank - Liquid11990 Custom Trailer Inc. Tank - Liquid 1990 Cutom Notes=5-compartment, State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Model=Straight Frame, Suspension=Spring, Suspension Make=Reyco, Tire Size=11x22.5,$ Call
1999 Fruehauf Tank - Liquid11999 Fruehauf Tank - Liquid 12,000 gallon 5-compartment Notes=1999 Fruehauf, State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Model=Straight Frame, Suspension=Air, Suspension Make=Intraax, Tire Size=11x2$ Call
2008 LBT Tank - Liquid12008 LBT Tank - Liquid State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=New, Suspension=Air, Suspension Make=Hendrickson, Tank Shape=Elliptical, Tank Type=Petro, # Compartments=1, Tank Barrel=Aluminum$ Call
1989 Heil Tank - Liquid11989 Heil Tank - Liquid SOLVENT TANK,CURRENT TEST Notes=SINGLE HOLE, State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Model=Straight Frame, Suspension=Spring, Suspension Details=Multi Leaf, Suspension Ma$ Call
1982 Fruehauf Tank - Liquid11982 Fruehauf Tank - Liquid ALL NEW TESTS State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Model=9200X4, Suspension=Spring, Wheel Size=24.5", Wheel Composition=Steel, Wheel Type=Disc, Gallons=9200, Tank$ Call
1986 Brenner Trailer Tank - Liquid11986 Brenner Trailer Tank - Liquid CURRENT TESTS State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used$ Call
1996 Brenner Trailer Tank - Liquid11996 Brenner Trailer Tank - Liquid 7000X1 ALL NEW TESTS AND PAINT Notes=REAR AND CENTER DISC, State (Abbreviation)=OH, New?=Used, Insulated?=Yes, Insulation Type=Fiberglass, Gallons=7000, Ta$ Call

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